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A proven method to stand out, build an audience, charge your worth and earn recurring revenue without selling your time

People charging for their time recognise these downsides ...

the 3Fs - do you have too much to juggle?
  • Each month earnings are up & down - working hard doesn't always pay off 
  • The only way to earn more is to work longer - or risk trying to increase your rate
  • Others are competing on price - so the market price is heading down
  • Others do what you do - so the inner voice asks "am I good enough?"
  • Business feels like a hamster wheel - if you stop, income stops

Work is less like a business, and more like a job!

What's needed is a way of making money without selling time.

A way to stop selling time ...

You want a consistent flow of new clients, and they need a reason to choose you.

So it seems like there's no choice - use "market rates" or risk losing clients.

And even though your service is good, finding clients is hit & miss, which leads to working even harder. It doesn't seem fair.

It's a common story - and it's one we can change.

Because there's a simpler, smarter, superior approach - one that steps away from "market prices" and the endless search for more clients.

There's another option: stand out, build and audience, charge your worth and build recurring revenue without selling time.

Increase productivity

The hamster wheel keeps turning ...

Like this example ...

One "solo-preneur" chose the other option:

BEFORE: £50k earnings, with 30 clients at any one time ...

AFTER: £200k earnings with only 5 clients.

Imagine the relief from not needing “more and more” clients?

Pricing strategy

Here's how ...

The DPAC Method 

The DPAC Method is the way to stand out, build an audience, charge your worth and have secure, recurring income without selling your time.

Package and position your service to match exactly what your audience are looking for, and you’ll have your own market - never again be constrained by "market rates".

You'll leave your previous competitors to continue looking their "pitch & hope" approach - while you quietly
redesign a simpler, more lucrative way of earning from your services.

The DPAC Method

Never compete on price again ...

The purpose of a business is not to “be busy”, it’s to give you 3Fs -
Financial security, Freedom and Fulfillment.

The Plan

Here’s how to get started to break this cycle:

business challenge

Use this tool to get your pricing right

Build recurring revenue offers

Get the right clients to find YOU

Start here ...

The Map to Recurring Income 

There's a good chance you're working harder than you need for lower rewards than you deserve. This tool helps you "press pause" and take a smarter route ...

"Pressing pause" helped ...

  • A PT change from charging £40/hr to earning £200k pa with just 5 clients
  • A consultant change from charging £450/day to earning £85k pa working “half days” each week
Business strategy

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