We help our clients reach monthly financial security
without all the busyness

"It's like a magic trick - once you know how it's done,
you can never unknow it"

We all have a business for the same reason - The 3Fs

Financial Security

Because lack of security causes obsession, stress & hamster wheel


Otherwise you'd get a job working for someone else


Because once you have "all you want" it's time to create a legacy

The 3Fs come in this sequence - the 1st F is Financial Security.

Why? Because without it, chasing money becomes the focus, the fear and the frustration.

Trying different tactics, being busy doing whatever's needed to get money coming in.

Don't you deserve a business with less financial stress and more certainty?

You're not alone and we're here to help.

My name is Chris Gardener, and I'm co-founder of Strategic Mentors and creator of the 3Fs suite of programs.

Let's face it, you don't get financial security just by working hard ... you can see the evidence all around you.

Thinking smarter (not working harder) is the magic.

Our magic is helping you put that smarter thinking into practice ... so you get Financial security (and more) with certainty.

Are you ready to have a more secure and certain monthly income
without being so busy?

If so, here's where you master the process which makes financial security certain,
and makes business feel much more rewarding

Step 1

Redesign YOUR offer so it's compelling.

Solve YOUR audience's problem.

Make it profitable.

Step 2

Attract the right people.

Find YOUR message which works.

Say it often.

Step 3

Deliver clients' results.

Build your reputation.

Ride the momentum.

RESULT: Consistency, financial security, month after month

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