How To Turn A Founder's Business
Into A Freedom/Sellable Business

Grow Revenue. Gain Control. Release Time.

Why (and How) 'Sellable Business'

Watch this video to see exactly the two factors that make a business 'sellable' (and more valuable) ... and why you gain freedom even if you have no intention of selling.

You'll discover the 3 essentials to put in place so the business doesn't depend on the owner, and the roadmap of exactly how you can do this in your own business.

The Solutions


Financial Security Platform

60 days accelerator
builds the platform that provides consistent cashflow into the future


Sellable Business Roadmap

Guided roadmap and mastermind
creates a sellable business that doesn't depend on its owner

Examples of services who've become Sellable

Open any of these business types to see their story ...

Marketing Agency

When a couple running a marketing agency had been flatlining at around £200k per year they followed The Sellable Business Roadmap.

Sales grew to £300k in one year, and they're on track to get to over £700k in the next year.

Banking Consultant

When the owner of a banking consultancy couldn't work out why he wasn't making enough profit he joined The Sellable Business to get the financial pedigree help he needed. He was guided to diagnose the problem and implement the solution.

He turned a 20% margin into a 56% margin, adding over £300k to the bottom line.

Business Coach

When a business coach in a small niche was struggling to earn more than £30k per year she implemented the Financial Security Platform, and had guidance to see where she was missing a trick.

Her next year's income was just under £100k.

Sales Consultant

When a sales consultant had his first child, he needed to earn more but couldn't work more hours. He signed up to The Sellable Business, designed a new model, a stronger offer and a No-Pitch method of bringing in new clients.

His income has grown from £80k to £150k while finishing work at 3:30pm each day and not working Fridays.

New Coach

When a new coach was stuck with her offer and how to approach her market, she implemented the Financial Security Platform to crack both these problems. 

Within four months she'd closed her very first £15k of business, and could repeat this as often as she wanted.

ISP Agency

When the owners of an internet providing company had just lost £200k they wanted to turn the business around. They signed up to be mentored for The Sellable Business, which led to diagnosing the root cause, and solving the core problem.

Within 3 years of mentoring, they sold the company for over £5m.

Training Company

When the owner of a training company wanted to earn more without delivering more hours in the classroom she joined the Financial Security Platform accelerator. She'd already seen its track record of making businesses easier.

She learned how to adapt her model, designed a new offer and created an additional £3k - £5k per month from existing clients, for no additional time. By understanding offers differently she created 'free new income' every month.

Marketing Consultant

When a marketing consultant was so stressed she hadn't closed a new client in over 6 months and her relationship with her partner was on the rocks she signed up to the Financial Security Platform accelerator.

Within 3 months she'd won the biggest deal of her life, and shared with us her relationship was 'saved'.

Business Consultant

When a business consultant ran out of capacity he realised his longer work hours were benefiting his clients at the expense of his own life. He joined The Sellable Business as he wanted to crack the code in his own business.

Within 3 months he'd adapted his model, designed a clear offer and was making more per hour than he ever had in his career.

Web Design Agency

When a web designer wanted to build his business beyond 'just himself' he joined The Sellable Business mastermind. Step-by-step, piece-by-piece he took the business from the first new employee to 15 professional staff, profitably and securely.

Corporate Trainer

When a corporate trainer realised she was fed up delivering the same courses month after month she couldn't just 'stop' as her income would dry up.

After following The Sellable Business roadmap she adapted her training offers, stopped charging 'per day' and developed new structures in her business.

She now has others delivering training, while she's protected her income, and has time and energy to develop new offers and follow new passions in her niche sector.

Recruitment Agency

When one guy with a previously successful recruitment business realised his business was now declining, his marriage and his self-confidence were in serious jeopardy. He signed up for The Sellable Business for help in all areas of life (because business and 'life' are intertwined0.

His business bounced back, he was re-energised and addressed what really mattered in the relationship.

As Clear as 1-2-3


Decide to take control

Understand the difference between 'offering services to make money' and having a Sellable Business. Make the decision to take control of your financial security and achieve your full potential.


Build Security Platform

The first priority: revenue. Create a position-of-one, an on-the-money offer and a no-pitch sales method to take away guesswork in securing future income.


Follow the Roadmap

The next priority: consistency and capacity. Step-by-step, build secure leadflow, add recurring cashflow and develop strategic assets so you have less risk and more options.

Start by downloading the Client Calculator

A few soundbites ...

"This is a completely different way of thinking about my business - I'm buzzing with new possibilities!"

financial consultant

"It's given me a new and effective approach on how to take my services to clients and always have spare capacity."

design agency owner

"This has changed my perspective of my offer and my expertise."

business coach

"You, sir, are a bloody genius!"

marketing consultant


is this a course?

The Financial Security Platform and the Sellable Business Roadmap are personally supported implementation projects. Yes, you have access to all the 'how to' training and materials in the members' portal. More importantly, you have 1:1 and in-group contact with your mentor.

Our view is you don't need another course. There is no shortage of information out there. What makes the difference is what you DO with the information. In other words, our priority - and yours? - is to put this into practice and actually start getting the financial and time rewards from your client-helping expertise.

Bottom line: when it comes to creating a Sellable Business, implementation beats information, so we've engineered it so you get the results.

how fast can i expect to get results?

The aim is to have your Financial Security Platform in place within 6-8 weeks. 

In our experience, when people get access to all the resources and realise how deep and powerful this FSP is, many go slower. This is because smart people often overthink things. While this isn't a problem, it isn't necessary and it's avoidable - which is why we have in-person guidance and mentoring - to help you get out of your own way. 

The Sellable Business Roadmap follows a specific path to build leadflow, cashflow and reputation. Each step is designed to make the business more secure and less dependant on you, the person 'doing everything'. The pace of implementation is entirely personal. We go as fast or as cautiously as suits you. You're supported every step of the way, ensuring you build (and gain all the benefits of) a Sellable Business.

Bottom line: just as the tortoise beats the hare, we prioritise consistency over occasional (and tiring) sprints. This is the 1% Principle. There's peace of mind knowing the longer you continue to strengthen your sellable business, the smoother and safer it becomes and the more valuable it is for whenever you're ready to cash out.

will i need to recruit people?

Possibly, but not necessarily. We know that many self-employed people don't want the responsibility of meeting payroll every month. We also know people believe 'it takes too long and it's difficult to get other people to do things as well as me'.

A Sellable Business is one where 'stuff gets done' without depending on the owner. The solution, sometimes, is to have other people involved. However, that's not the only option. 

That said, we'll make the business consistent and secure before we even look at 'more people'. We look to use systems, processes and automations where possible. Often these remove not just 'other people' but also completely free up the owner's time too.

Bottom line: a Sellable Business is one that has growing capacity and doesn't depend on the owner - so it does mean finding solutions to 'getting stuff done' so we can free you up. This is, fundamentally, a mental shift. It's moving from being 'a worker' to being 'a leader'.

Keeping hold of the 'worker' mindset is absolutely understandable. It's not 'wrong' - it just has consequences. When you look for it, you'll see those consequences in the majority of self-employed service businesses.

The shift to a 'leadership' mindset is likely to be the most significant change you'll experience. 

will it work for my service?

We hear this question from people who have a very specific niche, or very small audience. Once you've watched the video above, you'll see how any business can be turned into a Sellable Business.

There are two time periods relevant to having a Sellable Business:

1 - the time when you own and run the business
2 - the time when you decide to cash-out and sell the business.

While you own the business ... whatever service you're offering, you need people to be interested in working with you (leadflow). You want to turn that interest into paying clients (cashflow). And you want those clients to have a great experience so they stay and tell others (reputation). The Sellable Business Roadmap puts these three essentials in place. So, no matter how niche or specific your service is, you can turn it into a Sellable Business.

And whenever you're ready to cash-out? By then, you're business will be a 'cash producing machine' - safely, consistently bringing in leadflow, turning it into cashflow and backing up an enviable reputation. Which is precisely what a good buyer is looking for! The right buyer will pay handsomely for a business with a great reputation that has a consistent way of generating cash.

Bottom line: niche businesses can be very valuable businesses, and can be run in a consistent, scalable way.

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