The 3Fs | Business Mentoring

Stand out, build an audience, charge your worth and earn recurring revenue without selling your time

People charging for their time recognise these downsides ...

the 3Fs - do you have too much to juggle?
  • Each month earnings are up & down - working hard doesn't always pay off 
  • The only way to earn more is to work longer - or risk trying to increase your rate
  • Others are competing on price - so the market price is heading down
  • Others do what you do - so the inner voice asks "am I good enough?"
  • Business feels like a hamster wheel - if you stop, income stops

Work is less like a business, and more like a job!

What's needed is a way of making money without selling time.

The purpose of a business is not to “be busy”, it’s to give you 3Fs -
Financial security, Freedom and Fulfillment.

A way to stop selling time ...

You want a consistent flow of new clients, and they need a reason to choose you.

So it seems like there's no choice - use "market rates" or risk losing clients.

And even though your service is good, finding clients is hit & miss, which leads to working even harder. It doesn't seem fair.

It's a common story - and it's one we can change.

Because there's a simpler, smarter, superior approach - one that steps away from "market prices" and the endless search for more clients.

There's another option: stand out, build and audience, charge your worth and build recurring revenue without selling time.

Increase productivity

The hamster wheel keeps turning ...

Like this example ...

One "solo-preneur" chose the other option:

BEFORE: £50k earnings, with 30 clients at any one time ...

AFTER: £200k earnings with only 5 clients.

Imagine the relief from not needing “more and more” clients?

Pricing strategy

Here's how ...

The Plan

Here’s how to get started to break this cycle:

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Build recurring revenue offers

Get the right clients to find YOU