A Mind-blowing Experiment ...

Your investment is COMPOUNDING.

The idea of compounding probably isn’t new … but there’s a world of difference between “knowing” about it … and “EXPERIENCING” its effect.

Here’s a demonstration to blow your mind …

... which shows how our brains really don’t “get” the power of compounding.

Imagine I give you a piece of paper.

It’s as big as you like - there is no limit.

Now I want you to fold that paper in half.

Then fold it in half again.

And now keep folding it in half … 50 times in total.

(You can’t do this in practice - you can only fold it 8-10 times … but this is a thought experiment … go with it!)

OK … you’ve folded it in half 50 times. I now have a question for you …

How thick / high is that folded paper?

Before you click on for the answer … have a guess.

You won’t “know” - so there’s no pressure to be “right”.

What does your instinct tell you?

How thick / high do you think it is?

Got your guess? (When I first saw this answer I couldn’t believe it … you’ll see why.)

How thick is the paper? ...