About Chris

How did get to do this work?

“Looking back, it all makes sense ... yet we have to live life forwards”

Two stories, two "lives" crashed together 14 years ago.

"Career" life: I followed a traditional path to "success" - 5 years as Chartered Accountant in professional firm, 10 years climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder, chasing the trappings of salary, car and status. My timing was lucky, giving me brilliant opportunities and a world-class business education. With this foundation I could "made the break" 16 years ago, and become independent, with several businesses.

"Personal" life: I met my wife when we were 16. After 28 treasured years together, she lost her life to a brain tumour. I became a widowed dad with a son & daughter who needed me more than ever.

At times like this, you realise what is really important:

Love. Life. Being a contribution.

Business matters, but love and life matter most. A business that costs your freedom is, ultimately, unfulfilling. I realised "business" and "life" are not mutually exclusive - you can have both. You can be rich in both "lives".

This experience (and wake-up call) became the 3Fs philosophy.

I've bought and sold businesses, set up and run others … all designed to create a life worth living. All providing financial security while protecting precious freedoms of time and love.

I did not figure this out alone … I've always had a coach or mentor behind me. If world-class performers have mentors, it seemed naive to think I could do better without one.


Everything is invented

Different thinking creates possibilities

There's definitely a simpler, smarter, superior way

Who you are and all you have exactly match your thinking and decisions

Commitment and consistency are extraordinary differentiators

Life isn't meant to be hard

Inner work has the biggest impact

The right strategy, plus compounding plus time give you everything you want






The purpose of your business is
to have all 3Fs

Your services are for your clients - your business is for you

A simpler, smarter, superior method avoids a lifetime of working harder

The importance of the 3rd F

Learning from masters

Business and Self-mastery are both skills. All skills can be learned. The slowest way to learn is to try to figure it out on your own. The smart way is to learn from those who've already made the mistakes so you don't have to.

I’ve taken courses, been awarded qualifications and prizes, read hundreds of books, probably watched months of videos. I seem to have an insatiable love of learning. The world is endlessly fascinating.

I’ve invested many tens of thousands in personal coaches and mentors, each world class in their fields. I’ve invested in courses, from people I respect and want to learn from.

There’s no one, single, perfect method for everyone.

But, by listening, learning, thinking, and practising ideas from many different experts across many fields of mastery, I've found my way to connect the dots ....

Why try to figure it out on your own?

Joining the dots

I've combined insights from self-development, business design, marketing & sales psychology, financial understanding and love of people and teaching into my core method. I’ve found this to be a smarter, simpler, superior method for creating, growing and enjoying a business that gives all 3Fs in life.

You probably have your own interests and experiences, where you can join-the-dots and combine them into something brilliant for the people you want to help.

This is how we are each unique, special, gifted.

What we do with those experiences is a choice. 

With commitment and courage we can take those interests, experiences and talents and use them to create financial security, freedom and fulfilment for ourselves and those we love.

The combination... gives all 3Fs in work and life

Making it available

I get to help brilliant people who make that positive choice.

Right now is the most amazing time to be alive. We have so many opportunities. It is more possible than ever to become the master of your own destiny and live on your own terms. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a job and working for someone else.

But there is always another possibility. That’s where the 3Fs exist.

Having your own business is not for everyone ... but for those with the courage to go for it, it's worth making it a 3Fs business.

And you don't need to figure out how to do that on your own.

business challenge

Possibilities are everywhere.
We have so many opportunities

How Can You Make Yours a 3Fs Business?