When was the last time you had a holiday?

Or better yet, when did you last take “time off” and ended up working your way through it?

I’m willing to bet that you didn’t start your business so you could work long hours.

Your goal wasn’t to never have any real time off … was it?

Many business owners complain that they don’t spend enough time with their family. They don’t do the things they LOVE because they’re too busy. But is that why you started your business – to be busy?

If it seems impossible to think of taking a few months, a week, or even a day off and leave your business behind during that time, then something’s not working.

The truth is that you should be able to take time away from your business anytime, not just for the holidays or the summer. And you certainly shouldn’t have to work on “just one little thing” when you’re supposed to be enjoying time with your family.

Your business should allow for that anytime … or your business model needs to change.

Eliminating the Worry About Having the Financial Security to Take Time Off

If we go back to the concept of the 3Fs, a business that doesn’t allow you to take time off is probably not even achieving ONE of the F’s let alone all three.

This is a wake-up call to you that you’re focused too much on external business results.

Instead, you might find it very worthwhile thinking about your OWN impact on the business …

Switching your focus helps to have a business that centers around the 3Fs.

To get started down that path, be prepared to ask yourself questions about what you need to get where you want to be.

So when it comes to taking time off or taking a break with your family, ask: what’s that going to cost?

This is an important question to ask so you can start planning time away.

Knowing the cost makes it MUCH more possible to actually take that time off. Whether you choose to hang out with the kids all summer, or you take the family to a resort destination, knowing what it’s going to cost you is a helpful, practical step.

Once you know that, you’ll be able to start looking at how you can GET that target amount of money so you can make it happen.

Who’s Responsible While You’re Gone?

Another major concern you may have about taking time off probably revolves around responsibilities. Who’s going to look after things while you’re away?

When you’re away (actually having a break), you’ll want someone else to take care of daily operations or whatever tasks you handle on a regular basis.

You need to get clear on how your business is organised.

Who’s the most capable and available person to take your place?

Is that one person or a team of people?

Who’s going to be responsible for what tasks?

But even more importantly, why isn’t that person or team of people already handling those tasks for you?

Again, we’re talking about mindset here. In this instance, we’re talking about freedom.

If you’re involved in so many daily tasks, there’s no way for you to have the freedom you desire.

These questions (and their answers) lead to your business MODEL. This isn’t some theoretical concept, and it’s not just for “big” companies. Even the smallest business follows its own model. YOUR model shapes everything.

Do you want freedom …?

Then your model must be designed so you CAN have it.

Have you structured your business in a way that allows you to take time off?

If you’re like plenty of business owners out there, that part may have been left out of your business plan.

Maybe it’s time you looked at your business model with this level of detail.

If you’re not having all 3Fs from your business right now, that’s precisely where to start.

No one starts a business so they can just be busy.

No one says, “I want to spend all my time working and forget about enjoying time with loved ones and leaving behind doing all of the things I love.”

Taking Time Off From Your Business Without Jeopardising It

More worries …!

If you take time off, do you think your business will suffer in some way? Will it be jeopardised? Will serious mistakes be made?

When you’re “there” you can stay on top of things. Any issues or problems can be avoided because YOU are there to sort it out.

Conclusion …?

There’s no way you can possibly take time off!

And that’s the mindset – THE TRAP – that keeps you so busy. It’s why you’re not spending time with your partner. It’s why you’re missing out on watching your kids grow up.

Is this REALLY the life you envisioned when you started your business?

If not, it’s time for change. Ask yourself the necessary questions to have a business that gives you the 3Fs – Financial Security, Freedom and Fulfilment.

Whether those questions are focused on money goals or organisational structure, then ASK THEM.

The sooner you ask and uncover the answers, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get away for a day, week, or entire summer.

Without those answers, you’re likely feeling like a slave to your business.

You’ll find it more and more difficult to break free over time if nothing changes. It takes a conscious decision to change your business model.

Without that decision you already know what will happen. You’ll continue to struggle to take time off and enjoy family, friends or favourite activities.

Your business model CAN allow you to live the 3Fs … all of the time.

Is it easy? No, of course not … otherwise you’d already have done it, and so would everyone else.

Does it take analysis and work? Yes, of course, it does.

And THAT’S why everyone else hasn’t done it yet! It’s EASY to be busy. It’s NATURAL to react to problems rather than lead with clear intent. It’s NORMAL for people to give up on their true goals and accept “this is just how business is.”

Well, it doesn’t have to be …

My invitation to you is simple, and it’s profound. Reconnect with WHY you started the business. It wasn’t just to pay the bills, it’s more than that. It CAN be so much more than that.

ASK the important questions I’ve touched on here. Make some decisions. Get some help. Above all, get busy LIVING instead of just working.

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