The Method Works

"Posted my offer yesterday afternoon and signed up a customer 2 hours later.

This is an approach I will be using in future!"

Alison W - Offer Creation Workshop

"Casually just sold a VIP place by message before I actually offered anything!

My target was an extra £3k per month with just 8 clients. Might want to rethink what I'm aiming for! 

So grateful for this group, and for you, Chris."

Jacqui J - FSP

"Your approach has helped me see our business in a totally different way and has shone the light on opportunities I hadn't realised were there. Many thanks"

Daryl T - Recurring income builder

"A month after starting with Chris I made €15k, and a then €40k a couple of weeks later. In the last year together I made almost 6 figures without a lot of effort."

Amber S - FSP

"So pleased! I've been refining my offer and messaging as per your method, and I've won a new retained client in my niche!

They signed up with the top package, even though initially they said they couldn't afford even the basic one. It became a no brainer for them."

Caroline D - FSP

"I LOVE the way this method flips the concept of value on its head. Listening to Chris is a breath of fresh air and I know few others as generous as him with their time, insight and support."

Jen M - Recurring income builder

"3 client contracts signed and returned today! That's nearly £12k. Will keep planting the seeds! And taking it slowly. Thanks again!"

Lauren C - VIP Growth Partner

"Thank you Chris! I have always felt under pressure in the selling part. Now, I finally feel more confident and know I can do it naturally.

For me, thinking this way is absolutely different."

Petra - Recurring income builder

"Your method is so refreshing and insightful - everyone else advises us to find more clients! Such a relief to feel I don't have to work with people I don't want to!"

Mary W - Offer Creation Workshop

"I thought I'd share something that completely surprised me, though it really shouldn't.

This month I blew my financial target number out of the water ... and then some!"

Mel C - FSP

"It's amazing how few new clients I now need to make a big difference to my life. Most of my clients return.

I may be charging too little!"

Ingrid - Offer Creation Workshop

"You're a bloody genius. Mind blown!!"

Cat M - FSP

business challenge

"Thanks to Chris and this programme I am already 80% financially secure. 

I wanted to share this because I so believe in this programme and am going to go through the content again. I want to encourage you on your journey that it is possible!"

Russell D - Financial Security Program

"This way of making offers will have a big impact for my business and life.

In the past I always felt that "promoting and pitching" felt forced or pushy. This method gives me a much more natural way of doing things.

My latest offer has been shared on social media, so I've definitely struck a chord with my audience."

Ryan C - Recurring income builder

"I have stopped procrastinating and get on with it now as I feel so much more comfortable with my offers. My service is for others but my business is for me. Genius."

Sarah M - Recurring income builder

"This gives me a completely different perspective on client acquisition!

It's much simpler than I've been making it!"

Andy D - Recurring income builder

"This method made a big impact on the way I get new clients. It feels more natural to me.

I'm not chasing anyone, instead they chase me down in a good way for me to help them. This is how I now stand out from the crowd."

Denise W - Recurring income builder

"Chris creates a living process that relies on being natural rather than "selling" (which is not natural for most people!) When you reach the "aha!" moment the process becomes second nature.

So much is about mindset, and this method helps you change naturally so effectively."

Gavin L - 3Fs Action Group

"I've done lots of study over the years. The difference with you is the way you explain it that makes it easier to keep in mind, and therefore action.

The SPACE Map tool is genius and really helped me with motivation because I could see what was actually possible. Thank you for generously sharing your time and knowledge"

Karen B - Recurring income builder

"My favourite thing is that I now have less clients but a bigger bank account."

Clair S - Recurring income builder

"You've taught me many things I wish I'd learned many years ago. It's also showed me to go beyond my fears."

Kartik K - Recurring income builder

"Wow. I thought I knew this and had done it all before. I see now I hadn't!

I'm sitting here so happy that I worked with you. Thank you Chris for your generosity and guidance."

Martin M - Offer Creation Workshop

"Your generosity in terms of time and engagement, and your accessible, easy-to-understand explanations make working with you a real pleasure! I've learned so much which will be foundational to how I grow my business. Can't thank you enough."

Alex K - Offer Creation Workshop

"You change attitudes and mindsets towards selling and business. I feel a lot more confident about succeeding."

Laurence H - Offer Creation Workshop

How Can This Work For You Too?