Distinctive Influence Series

"This is a completely different way of thinking about my business - I'm buzzing with new possibilities!"

"This has changed my perspective of my offer and my expertise."

"It's given me a new and effective perspective on how to take my services to clients and always have spare capacity."

"You, sir, are a bloody genius!"

Hi, it's Chris ...

Firstly, welcome to this series called Distinctive Influence.

These ideas and insights are counter-intuitive, and change the way coaches and consultants run their businesses ... and I want to share them with you.
I'm going to take you on a journey through a way of seeing the world hidden in plain sight.
You'll either have your mind opened to a world of new possibilities, or you'll dismiss this perspective as unrealistic in your own version of the real world.
It'll be one or the other - there's no middle ground, no need to compromise.
I hope you'll stay with me through the journey. There's a remarkable payoff if you do.

To start with ...

This first email is going to give you the big picture of what you can expect, as I methodically lay out the ideas behind Distinctive Influence
Distinctive Influence is a framework which gives you a new way of seeing your value, and using that value to create your own point of difference in your market.
Value that is so strong, so desired, so relevant that it turns the need for 'looking for new leads' a full 180 degrees on its axis. The hunter becomes the hunted, so to speak.
I've combined over two decades of my own experience, plus the insights and wisdom of some of the smartest (and wealthiest) advisers and mentors I've worked with ... and I am going to share the breakthrough ideas and the highest impact thinking with you in this series.

Coaching & Consulting up to Now

Coaching and consulting services have exploded in recent years.
The constraints of local in-person reach have been removed thanks to low cost or free video calls, email, websites and social media.
There have never been more opportunities.
Which means there's also never been more competition.
What hasn't changed is the never-ending search for more clients.
More coaches & consultants competing for the next project.
Which leads to a familiar feast & famine pattern, the income roller coaster.
The freedom promised by being independent becomes a hamster wheel of busyness - swinging from client delivery work to promotional activities to win more work.
Is it possible to make a living from coaching & consulting?
Because there are people who need help solving problems. But it's getting harder to get attention in a crowded market. Shouting louder results in yet more noise.
Typically prospects don't know what help they need. And if they've been burned by bad advice in the past they're skeptical of another me-too option.
This way of coaching and consulting is like a treadmill.
There is a better way. A different way.
And this version is open to you the moment you decide to be ready.

Differentiated Coaching & Consulting in the Future

Instead of competing for a share of clients ... pitching, persuading and negotiating rates every step of the way ...
We can pull clients towards us with the power of 'aha' insights and stories to shift from being paid for time & effort to being paid for impact and value.
Which means we need fewer clients ... and yet earn more.
It's counter-intuitive because the idea of 'paid for time & effort' is so hard-wired. 
Most coaches & consultants built their experience employees, earning a salary. In other words, earn X for Y hours per week.
So when self-employed, it's natural (obvious?!) to ask to be paid the same way - hence, hourly and day-rates become the norm.
As a result, we have the typical win-lose proposition: the longer the client work takes, the more the coach or consultant earns [win], yet the longer the delay before the client gets the full benefit [lose].
Even subconsciously, clients know this is a bad deal.
A smarter option is win-win: the coach or consultant earns more when the client gets the benefit sooner. Everyone wins.
"But I can't guarantee the client will get their result!" says the traditional coach or consultant.
Closely followed by "I can't do the work quicker - it takes as long as it takes!"
These are real - and reasonable - reactions. They're just stuck in traditional me-too thinking.
When you operate with a Distinctive Influence based system, you realise these fears aren't barriers at all. We don't pitch a promise, we pull the desire for results.
When we do that, something magical happens. 
Our future clients lead themselves to our door, pulled by a desire to go deeper. It's the very opposite of pitching.
It's also the opposite of playing the 'numbers game'. That's a label that makes us feel hopeful when our marketing & sales efforts aren't working
Does the numbers game work?
To an extent ... but it's a high effort strategy built on lazy thinking.
(Which might just be the worst of all worlds.)
When you need FEWER clients there's no need to play the numbers game.
We step off the 'more 'leads' hamster wheel.
Quality, not quantity. Results, not effort. Pull, not pitching.
The fundamental difference between pulling and pitching is the position we adopt and the system we use to pull prospects towards us.
With Distinctive Influence, we become the hunted, not the hunter.

The Series ... for you

This foundational series gives you the insights that form the bedrock for building your own position of Distinctive Influence.
I share it to help you see things differently.
Because when you see things differently, you can start to think differently. 
And from that position, everything changes.
A suggestion? Read the series many times - each time you do, you'll find a nugget others have overlooked.
Above all, be open and enjoy it.
The only request I have is for your attention. There's no pitch at the end of the series. There's nothing to buy. My objective is to build relationships. Beyond that, it's up to you.
I don't presume to know we can help you - only you will know. 
The next step?
If you want to come on a week-long exploration of what I call Distinctive Influence, tap on the green button below and enter your best email address.
See you in your inbox.
As you'll see, we won't pitch or push you to buy anything - and going forward, you won't need to either.