The DPAC Method

Do you want more clients ...
or do you really want a secure income?

The 3Fs philosophy is to build a business that serves YOU - and needing more and more clients makes that harder.

Finding ever-more clients takes a lot of work. Delivering your services to them all is even harder work.

Using the DPAC Method, we break the connection between “needing more clients” and having all the income you want.

We focus on value, not volume

If that sounds like the kind of life and business you’d enjoy, read on ...

Two unhelpful assumptions you may be carrying:

Assumption 1: there’s a "market price” for your services

Assumption 2: you need “more clients” to have secure income

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Maybe these sound “obviously true”? Surprisingly, they’re not - here’s a story to demonstrate ...

A personal trainer was charging £40 per hour for private clients.

Why? - because that’s the “market price” for PT sessions in his area.

Each week he worked 30 sessions, earning £1200.

Allowing a few weeks off each year, he was bringing in around £50k.

Quite a reasonable income for a 1:1 PT.

Yet he had an ambition to earn £200k.

However, he was maxed out. With his training sessions plus all the business admin tasks, he had no more capacity - so “more clients” wasn’t an option.

Maybe the only other option is pricing? He realised he’d need to charge £160 to reach his target. As the “market rate” was £40, that wasn’t an option either.

End of the dream? Time to question those assumptions.

Here’s what he did instead ...

He changed his rate to £40,000 per year per client!

Within four months he was earning his £200k target with just 5 clients. Still offering his
PT services!

How was this even possible?!

Here’s how:

He didn’t change WHAT he does ... he changed WHO he does it for.

Those 5 clients are not the same people who pay £40 per hour.

Instead, they are senior execs in large corporations, who’ve just had a major health scare and are now ready to change their unhealthy lifestyle. Because if they don’t, they’ll have to stop working, and they risk losing everything that matters to them - their jobs, their home, their family, and their reputation.

With high corporate salaries, and high status, these aren’t the sort of people who’ll pay £40 to go to a gym for a 1:1 session. They want personal attention, support and confidentiality. For them, £40,000 is a great investment.

The PT changed from assuming he needed “more clients”.

And he saw how “market rates” depend on how you look at your market.

He went from £50k earnings, from 30 clients paying £40 per hour ... to £200k earnings from 5 clients paying £40,000 per year.

Those unhelpful assumptions were costing him £150k, and time on the spinning hamster wheel.

Whatever your income goals, maybe you don’t need “more” clients?

As long as you know how to attract clients for the price you want to ask.

This is the DPAC Method.

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The DPAC Method Explained


(pronounced "deepak")

The ACC system - big results in small steps

Clients don’t sign up for your services just because you’re available - they sign up because they have a problem, and they believe you can help solve it.

The more a problem matters, the higher the value to the client.

In the PT story above, the £40 clients had £40 problems - “I’d like to be in better shape and a bit healthier”. The £40k clients had £40k problems - “If I don’t do something about my health, I risk losing everything that’s important in my (expensive) life”.

The work is largely the same - the value to the client: massively different.

Most of his competitors are promoting “PT services”. They’re competing for £40 clients.

There’s nothing “wrong” with that ...

But when you can diagnose a bigger problem, you have less competition and can stop the never-ending hunt for “more” clients.

The DPAC Method opens up this possibility.

DPAC is a process to:

Diagnose the “problem that matters” to your client

Prescribe the solution in a high value offer

Attract the right audience who want to solve that problem

Convert clients with your offer, naturally and with zero pressure

Each part is a skill - and, like all skills, they can be learned

With skilful practise, you develop mastery.

And with mastery of these skills you are set up for life.

Never again will you wonder how to “find clients” - because you’ll have the skill to attract them.

Never again will you need to “persuade” them to sign up with you (or worse, give discounts to gain their business!) - because you’ll have the skill to convert them.

These skills become natural, when you’ve mastered the skill of diagnosing real, pressing problems, and prescribing in-demand offers.

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