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the 3fs - freedom

People think freedom means...

"I can take tomorrow off work if I choose"

What Freedom actually means...

Do you find yourself working with certain clients who, truth be told, you’d rather you didn’t?

You know the ones … they’re always pestering you, they’re never completely happy, they’re always looking for that extra discount.

How about being free enough to decide to NOT work with them in future?

The six types of Freedom:

(Why, Where, When, Who, How & How much)

  1. Time (when): able to choose when to work, and when to do whatever else you love
  2. Client relationships (who): able to choose who to work with … so you only spend time with those you WANT to spend time with
  3. Money (how much): able to earn however much you want and need, depending only on your desires and not on your time or a constrained market
  4. Location (where): able to choose where to be (whether for work or play), never tied down to the same old experience, week in, week out
  5. Purpose (why): able to choose WHY you do what you do – not because “I have to earn money”, instead “because this inspires me”
  6. Health (how): having the energy and attitude to be able to make all the above choices

Imagine what life would be like with these six freedoms

A life not living to other people’s constraints … a life entirely on your own terms.

Because you’ve set up your business to make this happen.

If YOUR business isn’t yet set up to allow this to happen … would now be a good time?

The 3Fs - reach financial security

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