Still selling your time and using hourly or day rates?

FREE 5-Day Challenge Teaches How Service Businesses Can Start To Attract BETTER Clients Who Pay What You’re REALLY WORTH

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  • YOU'LL GET FULL ACCESS to the tool which reveals how to have YOUR income target with better clients (so you can stop chasing "more" and focus on the ones who matter)
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  • BONUS - Discover why your prospects need to “think about it” before signing up with you … and design the specific way you’ll help them overcome any doubt (so you’ll get “yes” more often with less waiting and follow-ups)
  • You'll have exclusive access to our private challenge members-only Facebook group, along with everyone else taking part in the challenge.

    Every day I'll share one action item in the group for you to complete and post in the comments how you got on.

    Each task can be done in just 20 minutes and I'll be on hand, to answer any questions you have. And you'll meet some new business-minded folk - your ideal client might be in there, you never know!

What Results Recent Students Experienced After Following My “Get Paid for Value” Strategy

Chris Gardener
Founder of the "Get Paid for Value not Time" Method

Nice to 'meet' you. Over the last few years I've helped hundreds of fed up and frustrated business owners get out of a “selling my time and justifying my rates” black hole, showing them exactly how it's possible to get paid for their VALUE instead.

Think your clients want to pay you for your time?

Maybe you're thinking you can’t charge more than your competitors?

Or maybe you're just wondering how to deal with potential clients who ask for your prices before you’ve had a chance to explain what you do?

Then this challenge is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and understand the principles of what I teach.

It's my 5-day “Get Paid for Value” Sprint Challenge running across Monday to Friday  where you'll all be doing it live together.

Plus I'll be in the group every day to help you all along the way - and to make sure you get the most from taking part.

What's stopping you from being different from everyone else who “offers your kind of services?"

This challenge is all about implementation AND engagement in the private group - so we all get the maximum benefit from it.

I’ll be putting 100% and I expect you to do the same in return. So, we will be rewarding the most engaged and removing the least ... you up for the challenge?