VIP Growth Partner

What is it?

The fastest, most secure way to turn your knowledge, skills and services into predictable, growing, recurring income, for a 3Fs life and business

Full and unrestricted one-to-one mentoring to get you accelerated and complete results

A “business partner” whose focus is making sure you succeed

Confidential and personal mentoring, coaching and care to overcome personal obstacles and challenges that don’t need to be faced alone.

The 3Fs - reach financial security

Who is it for?

  • Experienced service business founders willing and able to invest in VIP partnership
  • You have a reasonable income, but have reached a stage where you’re ready for more, and want to commit to growing yourself and your business
  • You’ve proven you can enrol clients to your services, and now want to create more freedom so you can earn more and have a wider purpose for your business
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When is it needed?

  • You’ve been promoting what you do, but not getting enough interest
  • You have sales conversations, and usually hear “let me think about it”
  • You have competitors who are better known or more experienced than you and it seems you have to go cheaper
  • You’re thinking of reducing your prices to get more clients
  • You’ve bought “courses” before, and even though they were useful, you didn’t implement them enough and moved on to the next idea
  • You’re now wondering if you’re “good enough” and have no one else to steer you through the wobbles
  • You’re no longer prepared to accept “feast & famine” income
  • You’re ready to commit to transforming your future.

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