How it usually starts ...

"Are you busy?" (Is that the plan?)

When someone asks you “how’s work going?” what do they expect you to say?

“It’s good thanks - really busy!”

Isn’t it curious how “busy” has come to mean “successful”?

If you’re offering your services to clients did you set out to be busy?

Or did you set out to have no money worries, AND have the flexibility to choose YOUR time?

And yet …?

We’ve become BUSY.

Now, if you’re “busy with clients”, you’ve probably got the “no money worries” covered …

But did this come at the COST of your flexibility and freedom? Like still working (or checking emails) at 9pm each night? Or saying "yes" to clients you really want to say "no" to? Difficult to take more than a couple of days off?

We’ve become conditioned to thinking “busy is good”. We hear politicians saying

“We support hard working people”.

The implication - if you’re not “hard working” then you don't “deserve” the rewards.

How did we get here?

First, let’s recognise something we take for granted …

If you’re running your own business … you are doing something that’s NOT NORMAL!

MOST people don’t have the courage to “back themselves”, and put themselves at the mercy of “the market”.

If you’ve had a job, you received your salary in exchange for 40 hours a week, give or take.

As long as you worked the hours, you’d get your salary every month.

As you gained experience maybe you got a promotion ...

The promotions were ok ... but they didn't change the deal - “work 40 hours - get your salary”.

And then, at some point you had a wake-up call that changed everything …

Maybe it was redundancy. Or the company went bust. Or you got sick of working for that boss you couldn’t stand.

Or maybe you had a revelation - “I could earn MORE doing this for myself!”

And, being “not normal”, you bravely took the plunge and started offering your expertise to POTENTIAL CLIENTS rather than employers.

Then someone was interested in hiring you.

(Remember that moment?! People were taking you seriously!)

They asked you ... “THAT” question …

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What's "that" question?