THAT question ...

“How much do you charge?”

That moment.

Right there. That very moment.

Your answer right then has led you to exactly where you are today:

Financially, doing ok … but really busy, and it’s difficult to take time off.

Here's why ...

Your salary paid for your time & effort.

Others charge for their time & effort.

So you did it too.

What’s more, you charged a higher rate than your salary!

No wonder it felt … so right.

Reality dawns ...

Of course, you quickly came to realise that your hourly rate had to be higher than your salary … because now it's just you - no "other people" in the team ... now YOU had to do ALL the grunt work yourself.

Time spent looking for new clients - networking, advertising, posting on social media. All the admin too - the invoicing, the chasing for payments. All necessary. Often awkward.

And all SO time consuming.

You may even have done work for clients at lower rates than you wanted. (Maybe you told yourself it’s good for the long-term relationship? "Next time I'll be able to charge the full rate" sounds familiar?

And gradually - it wasn’t an overnight lightbulb moment - you found yourself in a kind of hamster-wheel …

If you’re charging day-rates, hourly-rates, per-session-rates, or you’re quoting for projects based on how long you think it’ll take to do the job … then you may recognise what this picture shows …

You’re getting a good rate for the hours you’re charging …

But if you don’t put in all the other non-earning hours, your income comes right down.

And the combination of earning hours (client delivery) and non-earning hours (looking for more work) …

It’s all keeping you “busy” in a never-ending cycle.

What’s more, it’s a cycle with a ceiling on how much you can earn, because there are only so many hours in the day.

(Maybe it’s not surprising most people stay seduced by the “turn up & get a salary” employee lifestyle! 

When was the last time you took time away from work and didn’t sacrifice income while not working?)

And it all started at that moment … when that first (exciting!) new client-to-be asked “how much do you charge?”

The Breakthrough Moment

You might now be thinking "it's too late, I've already got the clients. This is how it works now. It's too late for me now." 

The reality is it’s fixable.

After all, countless numbers of people who started out like you now have complete time and money freedom.

The question is not “CAN you?” …

It’s “HOW can you?”

This is where the breakthrough starts.

And it starts by fixing the root cause of the problem - it’s time to change what you get paid for.

Using this idea …

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