THAT question ...

“How much do you charge?”

That moment.

Right there. That very moment.

Your answer right then has led you to exactly where you are today:

Financially, doing ok … but really busy, and it’s difficult to take time off.

Here's why ...

Your salary paid for your time & effort.

Others charge for their time & effort.

So you did it too.

What’s more, you charged a higher rate than your salary!

No wonder it felt … so right.

Reality dawns ...

Of course, you quickly came to realise that your hourly rate had to be higher than your salary … because you now had to do a lot of work without being paid.

Time spent looking for new clients - networking, advertising, posting on social media. All necessary … but time consuming.

You may even have done work for clients that took “longer than you think it should” … and because the hourly rate felt “high”, you sometimes did client work for free.

(Maybe you told yourself “it’s good for the long-term relationship”?)

And gradually - it wasn’t an overnight lightbulb moment - you found yourself in a kind of hamster-wheel …

If you’re charging day-rates, hourly-rates, per-session-rates, or you’re quoting for projects based on how long you think it’ll take to do the job … then you may recognise what this picture shows …

You’re getting a good rate for the hours you’re charging …

But if you don’t put in all the other non-earning hours, your income comes right down.

And the combination of earning hours (client delivery) and non-earning hours (looking for more work) …

It’s all keeping you “busy” in a never-ending cycle.

What’s more, it’s a cycle with a ceiling on how much you can earn.

(Maybe it’s not surprising most people stay seduced by the “turn up & get a salary” employee lifestyle! 

When was the last time you took time away from work and didn’t sacrifice income while not working?)

And it all started at that moment … when that first (exciting!) new client-to-be asked “how much do you charge?”

The Breakthrough Moment

While the story above may sound familiar … the reality is it’s fixable.

After all, countless numbers of people who started out offering their services now have complete time and money freedom.

The question is not “CAN you?” …

It’s “HOW can you?”

This is where the breakthrough starts.

And it starts by fixing the root cause of the problem - it’s time to change what you get paid for.

Using this idea …

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