Is this you?

You’re an expert in “your thing”. Clients love your work.
They’re paying you – but you’re worth more.
If only they could see the VALUE you bring?

Does this sound familiar?

“Clients just don’t get my value – I’m always competing on rates”

“Clients NEED what I offer … I just can’t get them to pay what it’s really WORTH”

“It’s like I have this glass ceiling above me and I can’t break through”

“Income is great in some months, but not others – I’m sick of the uncertainty.”

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying this, you’re in the exactly the right place here.

When you want to HAVE more time … it doesn’t make sense to SELL more time.​

Busyness delusion at work


  • Charging by the hour/day/session
  • Busy with client work, no energy to find more
  • Little capacity for new clients even if you found them
  • Working for your business rather than the other way around
  • Taking time off means sacrificing income


  • Get paid for your VALUE not your time
  • Choose fewer, better clients
  • Offer what they REALLY want
  • Deliver in way that protects your time
  • “Stack” income each month without more time & energy

Our programs and mentoring put those solutions in place. Reliably. Consistently. Predictably. Designed specifically for service offerings.

You CANNOT have freedom, nor get paid what you’re worth if you’re selling your time.

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"Avoiding Burnout and Having Consistent Income" 

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