Is this you?

Maybe you've asked yourself these questions?

the 3Fs - do you have too much to juggle?

You’re offering your services based on your talents, knowledge and expertise. You’ve gained experience and you can help many types of clients. But there are some consistent frustrations and questions in your mind ...

"How much should I charge?"

Price-per-hour? Day rates? Packages? Per project?
If you “go high” you fear pricing yourself out of the market.
Yet playing safe with “market rates” leads to another challenge ...

“How do I get them to choose ME?”

Others are better known or have more experience than you. So you look for ways to demonstrate your credibility.
And yet it’s still hard work to get clients to sign up, which makes you wonder ...

“Am I good enough?”

Imposter Syndrome makes it hard to be “out there”, looking for clients.
You know you’re good with clients but are inconsistent with marketing. And you get used to feast & famine, and can’t help the feeling ...

“Why am I so busy?”

You’re busy with client work, with no time to find more clients.
Or you’re busy looking for clients, with uncertain and slow results.
So the hamster wheel keeps turning ...

Business feels more like Busyness

This wasn’t the plan. But you can’t stop - you need income.
You just wish there was a way to do well and not be so bloomin’ busy.

Increase productivity

There is a different way. And it starts here: