Think about the last time you had a problem that needed solving.

Where did you go, to solve it?

Or, perhaps … how did you decide how to solve it?

In these days of excessive choice – where the internet allows us the opportunity to, literally, search the globe for solutions, providers, answers – TRUST has become one of the main factors in any kind of decision making.

Trust, and reputation.

There are even companies that exist purely to offer that as a service. Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Checkatrade … great examples of companies whose very service is to provide consumers with the ability to make a better choice … a more informed choice … based on real people’s real-life experiences.

Of course the catch with those is that you often don’t know these “real-people”. Which makes their opinion a little harder to gauge or validate. Still, better than nothing.

But better still? PERSONAL experience. Personal knowledge. Personal connection.

And when I say personal, I don’t mean a personal friend, or acquaintance.

I mean a person, or a company, or a brand … that YOU have, in some way, connected with.

Perhaps it’s someone you follow on LinkedIn, regularly reading their posts and articles. Maybe it’s a journalist, or doctor, or specialist of some sort whose podcasts you often listen to. It might simply be a company whose newsletters you have subscribed to … whose updates, suggestions and/or advice have often resonated.

There will be people, or brands, or companies, that you’ve – perhaps unconsciously – developed a relationship with. Perhaps initially only through vague interest … but gradually, over time, you’ve come to know them.

You know what they stand for … know what they do … you know what they are experts in.

And then when … or if … you need someone with that particular knowledge, or those particular skills; someone able to solve that particular problem … you know exactly where to go first.

Because you already trust them. You already know their reputation. You already know their values. And you already know you like all of the above.

Rings a bell, right?

So now flip it around. You’re not the consumer anymore. You’re the business, the brand, the EXPERT.

How many people already know about you? How many people already trust you, know your values and your reputation? Know – consciously or not – that you are the expert that they just might need one day?

Building a Lake

If you know me, you’ll know about my 3Fs … and you’ll know that the FIRST F is Financial Security.

Now, more than ever, this is important. And now, more than ever, is the time to be focusing on the building blocks necessary to achieve – or maintain – it.

Financial security – reaching the point of being consistently “above water” – comes from having two things:

METHOD security, and ASSET security.

Method security is knowing your process. Knowing how to take leads, engage them and turn them into clients.

Asset security is the bedrock of your business. It’s your clients, it’s your service … your “magic” … and it’s your AUDIENCE.

Because having an audience is critical to having that security. It’s the pool from which your clients are most likely to come. It’s that group of “interested” people who have learnt to trust you … who are already connected to you … and to whom you can turn – easily, and with speed – when you need to find new clients.

Think of it like fishing in a lake, as opposed to a river.

When you’re river fishing, you have no idea what fish might be there at any one time. You have no idea if they are flowing straight past you, or if perhaps they’re all being caught further upstream. You don’t know where they are; nor – incidentally – do they you…

Whereas WITH an audience … you’re fishing in a lake. A big, calm lake that you’ve cultivated yourself … that you’ve filled with fish, keeping them healthy and happy, until the time comes that you need to catch them.

At which point – you know exactly where to go. You know they are there. And you know your chances of catching the perfect sized fish for your needs are considerably higher than when you were at that riverbank.

The environment that Covid-19 has presented to us is a challenging one.

Many businesses are needing to adapt, and many are needing to look for new clients.

Those that are river-fishing are in a particularly tough position, as they are up at those banks – alongside many other fishermen – wondering what fish might, or might not, come their way.

But those WITH an audience are in a different position. They are increasing their communication. They’re strengthening their bond. They’re continuing to establish that trust, that connection, that “personal’ relationship”.

And even if not all their fish are biting … those amongst them that are ready to buy, are investing NOW.

Whilst the rest of them are still following … learning … staying in that lake. And as soon as they are ready to buy, or as soon as they need that expertise … they’ll be getting in touch.

Your audience is KEY to reaching your financial security, and in these strange times – more than ever – people are looking for new leaders, teachers, or even just friendly voices to follow. To calculate how few clients you actually need to reach your financial goal and have financial security click here…

So if you already have an audience – NOW is the time to nurture it more than ever before.

And if you don’t? NOW is the time to build one.

If you don’t yet have an audience that is listening … or who knows you are there … who you can stay in touch with, and share your insights with … then you’re missing a critical asset needed for your financial security.

People WANT to hear from you.

They WANT to find people to trust; to learn from; to rely on.

And they’ll be happy to swim in your lake, until the day they need you.

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