Recurring Income Builder

What is it?

A mentor-led group of service business founders, all working towards achieving consistent and reliable monthly recurring income using the DPAC Method 

The lowest investment option to turn your service into a “hell yes!” offer and give you a secure, consistent income

Daily and weekly implementation tasks to make sure you create in-demand offers, build your audience and convert enough clients to meet all your financial needs.

The 3Fs - reach financial security

Who is it for?

  • You’re offering services (not selling physical products)
  • Your income is up & down, and lacks the consistency you want (feast & famine)
  • Your pricing is time -based - you charge per hour/day/session, or you quote for projects based on how long you think they will take
  • You know the value you offer, but your prospects don’t “get it”
  • You know how to deliver results for clients, but you’re not getting enough to sign up
  • You’re spending “so much time” finding new clients
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When is it needed?

  • You’ve been promoting what you do, but not getting enough interest
  • You have sales conversations, and usually hear “let me think about it”
  • You have competitors who are better known or more experienced than you and it seems you have to go cheaper
  • You’re thinking of reducing your prices to get more clients
  • You’ve bought “courses” before, and even though they were useful, you didn’t implement them enough and moved on to the next idea
  • You’re now wondering if you’re “good enough” and have no one else to steer you through the wobbles
  • You’re no longer prepared to accept “feast & famine” income
  • You’re ready to commit to transforming your future.

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