Mentoring Call

Simply unblock stuckness

Sometimes we get stuck

We're running the business, we have a plan, we're on top of things ...

Then we hit a blockage.

One of the main characteristics of a business owner is "self reliance".

We're GOOD at fixing problems. That's how we've made progress. We're even good at solving other people's problems!

In fact, it feels easy to solve their problems ... because we can see their wood, while they're stuck in the trees.

There's a down-side though: our problem-solving ability reduces our openness to ask for help.

Even though we can get stuck in our own woods, "Self Reliant" becomes a badge of honour.

When you look around you, who do you see wearing this badge?

Are they the ones with 3Fs? Do they have freedom? Do they even have financial security?

Mostly, they're people who are good (great even!) at seeing other people's woods ... and tell themselves they should be able to get out of their own woods too.

There's GAIN (not shame!) in asking for help

In reality it's a smart decision ... because someone else can see your woods better than you can. They can give you the map. You just choose whether or not to follow it.

This is where our Unstuck Sessions come in.

In a single session with a master mentor, you'll have a map.

The 3Fs - reach financial security

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