Our 3rd F

The main purpose of your business is to give you all 3Fs:
financial security, freedom and fulfilment.

The first 2Fs are the “what” to make sure “you’re ok”.

The 3rd F is the “why” - the reason behind "what you do".

Everyone has their own 3rd F - it’s personal.

Here’s our 3rd F … our reason for doing this work.

The Strategic Mentors 3rd F:

to magnify our own impact by helping our clients make theirs

The Opportunity

Right now is the most extraordinary time to be alive.

We have more opportunities than ever in history. It has never been more possible to set up a business, reach an audience, and get paid for sharing knowledge and skills. 

We can communicate globally in one click. We can learn new ideas and research information within seconds of thinking about it. We have tools to help us organise, connect, manage and serve clients, often at scale and for free.

Technology, combined with awareness and education create possibilities only limited by our imagination. 

We are no longer shackled to the single option of “get a job”. We can choose to be masters of our own destinies, our own lives. 

We are unbelievably lucky to be living at this particular time.

And yet the picture is not entirely rosy ...

Technology creates possibilities only limited by our imagination.

The Challenge

There are problems and challenges everywhere, from local level to global scale. And these are problems crying out for solutions.

Entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and those practiced in making the decision to DO something are the best people to tackle these problems.

WE are the people with knowledge, connections, attitude, talent, focus and resources. These combine into a formidable force to tackle problems, however small, however large.

Whether it’s doing something about the 17 Global Goals, or stepping up to help your local school … we can make a contribution.

We, through our independent businesses, are the best placed to make a contribution.

The Choice

We choose to act on this opportunity. 

We choose to invest our time and resources directly on this purpose AND to magnify our impact by helping our clients their impact too.

Like a pebble causes ripples to spread out in a pond, our work creates a ripple impact because our clients get to make their own contribution to a better world. 

Our 3rd F is your 3Fs

How to achieve your 3rd F ...