Which "badge-of-honour" is keeping you trading time for money?

One of these 6 “badges” will be your key to unlocking… more time… more income… and more choices

What "feels right" may be holding you back

If you're charging hourly / day rates or price-per-session for your services, then you're probably familiar with the “trading time for money” trap.

To earn more, you need to sell more hours, days, or sessions. With only so many hours in the day, you reach an income ceiling.

Yet you know others (no smarter than you) have broken through that income ceiling. It begs the question: why can’t you?

The truth is you probably can - once you know what’s holding you back.

The challenge is: you’re already successful … and you’re wearing that success like a badge-of-honour.

But what got you here won’t get you to the next level.

That badge-of-honour is holding you back.

What is your badge of honour … and what should you do about it?

Find out by taking this self-assessment.

Discover your badge-of-honour, and get the full report to find out what's holding you back and and how to unlock time and income in your future.

Here's how it works


Step 1: Take the self-assessment

In a couple of minutes, answer the questions. They uncover the key areas of your business that are keeping you stuck. Multiple-choice questions, so it's quick (as well as insightful).


Step 2: Get your result

Discover your personal badge-of-honour. Based on your answers we crunch the data to show you exactly what's happening for you. This helps you know how to unlock the barrier that's keeping your trading time for money.


Step 3: Get the precise path

Now you know your own badge-of-honour, you'll get the report to show you the tell-tale signs, the reasons for this badge, and the very next steps to take so you can unlock you time and income by design.

Now it's time 

Find out which badge-of-honour is holding you back from unlocking more time & income