To escape busyness and have financial security: the complete range of focused solutions

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Financial security program

The Starting Point

Financial security without hassle

Trojan Program

The Fast Track

Accelerated results

The acc system

The 1% Principle

Big results in small steps

The Book

The escape story

The immediate fix

The Immediate Fix

Simply unblock stuckness

The transformation

The Transformation

Business to create freedom

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The Starting Point Financial security without hassle

  • Little or no time to find more clients 
  • Need to work more to earn more
  • Stuck on the hamster wheel without growth 
Solution - Financial Security Program
  • Create a new magnetic offer to attract high value clients 
  • Package your offer so you never need to charge day rates again 
  • Build a reputation as 'the only rational choice' 

The Fast Track

  • Clients ask for your rates without understanding what you offer
  • Finding it difficult to demonstrate your difference v competitors
  • You're pigeon-holed and treated like a commodity
Solution - The Trojan Program 
  • Create a mini-monopoly offer during the 3-day program
  • Enrol clients to this new offer within 2-4 weeks
  • Create additional income source without risking what you currently deliver

The 1% Principle Achieve more by doing less

  • Too much to do
  • Not getting enough done
  • Prioritising client work over own business and staying in steady state
Solution - ACC System
  • Automated check-ins to keep you focused
  • Get more done without big efforts
  • FREE access - experiment to see if it works for you

The Book The story of escaping busyness

  • Busy hustling with lots of clients 
  • No time to grow 
  • Lack of a consistent monthly income 
Solution - The book
  • The story of how to solve this 
  • Follow Simon's experiments 
  • Learn from him and apply it to your own situation

The Immediate Fix To solve a blockage, right here, right now 

  • Keep trying the same ideas without any success 
  • Need solutions in hours, not days or weeks
  • No time 
  • Can't think straight 
  • Feeling paralysed, procrastinating and fed up with your situation
Solution - Unblock sessions
  • Identify the root cause or problem 
  • Design a range of solutions 
  • Choose one (the best) option 
  • Put it into practice 

The Transformation Business to create freedom

  • No time to freely choose when you want to work 
  • Working with clients you don't want to work with
  • Your environment brings down your performance and results
Solution - The 6 freedoms
  • Your business serves YOU (not other way around)
  • Your results and resources create more options in life
  • Not just freedom FROM (e.g. financial constraints), but freedom TO (do & have whatever you choose)