The purpose of a business is not just to pay the bills and keep you busy, but to give you a life of Financial security, Freedom and Fulfilment - the 3Fs

All our solutions are designed for this specific purpose.

We offer help to suit different budgets, time, needs and experience.

When you can generate consistent monthly income without sacrificing your personal time, and do so naturally, in a way that feels "right" to you - you have a 3Fs business.

A Smarter, Simpler, Superior, Strategic Method

At the heart of all our solutions is the DPAC Method. 

A way to have financial security with fewer clients and more free time. 

A way to earn from your services without selling your time. 

A way to design your business to serve you (rather than the other way around).  

A natural way to attract profitable clients.

The DPAC Method Online Course

  • Turn your services into in-demand offers your clients look for 
  • Build an audience as a valuable asset
  • Enrol clients naturally with zero-pressure selling
  • Over 75 videos (with searchable transcripts)
  • Worksheets, templates, scripts and software - everything you need to design an elegant 3Fs business 

Putting The Method Into Your Own Business

Our priority (and purpose) is to help you implement the DPAC method so your business gives you the life you want.

We offer implementation support for different levels of budgets, time, needs and experience.

Financial Security Program

  • Create consistent monthly income through hand-held DPAC Implementation
  • 12 months close support
  • Small group format, with live weekly training and Q&A workshops
  • Accelerator option (first 90 days personal mentoring)

Purpose: Develop lead-flow and conversion for proven in-demand package

Target: £2k-£10k recurring monthly earnings

(includes access to DPAC Method Online Course)

VIP Growth Partner 

  • For established businesses to scale income and increase free time capacity
  • Ongoing 1:1 personal mentoring
  • Unlimited access (“your business partner, mentor & guide”)
  • The fastest, safest, simplest way to have a business that serves you (not other way around).

Purpose: Design and create business needing less working time

Target: additional £40k - £150k annual earnings

(includes access to DPAC Method Online Course)

A breakthrough method for all these people ...