Introducing the SPACE Map 

for service businesses ...

A powerful tool to reveal the simplest route to a better business

What is the SPACE Map?

Quite possibly, it's your new best friend for your business.

When you want a secure, recurring income without being so busy, the SPACE Map shows you the exact route. 

If you're already too busy, this map will show you how to make it easier - much, much less stressful.

It's designed specifically for service businesses - because, as you'll see, you can create high-demand service-offers quickly.

SPACE stands for Service Pricing and Client Enrolment and this map shows you how yo can create the business you've always dreamed of.

Within 5 minutes this map shows you:

  • How you can reach your financial target with less busyness
  • How long it will take for you to get there without stress
  • Exactly what will make it easier (or harder!)
  • All while protecting your personal time

What you can achieve with the DPAC Method

The 3Fs philosophy is to build a business that serves YOU - and needing more and more clients makes that harder. Finding ever-more clients takes a lot of work. Delivering your services to them all is even harder work. Using the DPAC Method, we break the connection between “needing more clients” and having all the income you want.

Escape the Busyness Delusion and join the 3Fs lifestyle.

"Just dive in" approach

Starting Point:
  • "How do I find clients?"
  • "What's the market rate for my services"
  • Get busy promoting your services
  • Get sporadic interest, have meetings, give quotes
  • Win some, lose some, stay on the hamster wheel
  • Uncertain income each month
  • Busy being busy
  • More like a job than a business

The DPAC Method approach

Starting Point:
  • How much do you want to earn?
  • How many clients do you want? (So you have a life, not just work)
  • Decide the pricing you'll use ("market rates" don't apply here!)
  • Design the simplest way to enrol those clients
  • Clear, simple business designed to give you what you want
  • Attract the right kind of audience who seek you out
  • Increasingly "known for" in-demand services
  • Natural and no-pressure enrolment of the clients you choose

Watch this 2-minute "walk-through" of the "SPACE Map" tool to see the difference in action

Then use the button below to download the tool for yourself (along with a 15-minute training to use it)