Why we do this work

Our purpose

Your Legacy

Discover your priority to achieve to security

Were lucky to be living right now ...

... especially, it’s an amazing time to be a business owner and entrepreneur.

We are living longer than ever in human history. Our ability to treat and overcome disease is unparalleled. Our level of education is the highest it’s ever been.

We have access to unlimited information from the device in our pocket.

We can set up global businesses almost overnight and practically for free. We are free to branch out and chart our own course in life, rather than be beholden to the local landowner or industrialist.

We can travel far, easily and cheaply. We can communicate with people anywhere on the planet instantly and for free.

We can share our ideas, our philosophies and our message to everyone, everywhere. The only limits are self-imposed.

And yet ...

even with all these capabilities and resources available to us, many people still struggle to attain even the first of the 3Fs.

They struggle to attain Financial Security.

Our purpose is to change this

If you have the courage to back your own capabilities, we have the commitment to help you achieve the first of the 3Fs.

But we don't stop there

With Financial Security in place, our mission is to help these business owners achieve Freedom and Fulfilment too - have all 3Fs.

But we don't stop there either

We’re not doing this work just so business owners can have all 3Fs.

We’re doing this work so, with all 3Fs, these business owners will make their difference, be their contribution to the world.

They’ll create their own legacy.

Yes, this is an amazing time to be alive.

Yet it’s still a time where there are people with real problems.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are the very best-placed people to tackle these problems, and make the world an even better place.

They’ll have the resources, the resourcefulness and the intention to make an impact.

Because when you have the third of the 3Fs – Fulfilment – it’s not about “you” any more, it’s about contributing to others’ lives.

This is our mission

To enable you to have all 3Fs so that you create your own legacy, you make your own impact in solving problems.

Our legacy

Through our work, the world will be an even better place, and this will be an even more amazing time to be alive.

The practical reality

There is no shortage of opportunity … we just need more people with all 3Fs to make their mark.


Here at Strategic Mentors, our own contribution is to provide access to education for girls in Uganda, through our project Gift of a Future.

Families lack the resources to send their children to school.

We can help.


. . . from limited life chances and low life expectancy, to better health, the ability to be self-sustaining, to have children with better life chances. To be role models for the next generation. 

Through education we can lift families out of poverty in a single generation.

They need support to access the education - this is our project.


With all 3Fs in place, we’ll invite you to find your cause.

Create your legacy. Create a better, brighter future for others.

This is why we do what we do.

It all starts with the 3Fs.

And this starts with making sure you have the first one: Financial Security.

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The Bottom Line

Your Legacy Starts with Financial Security

It takes resources to make an impact.

Let's improve your resources immediately.

Take the self-assessment test to find your priority to get you on your way.

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It all starts with knowing where you are right now

Take the assessment to work out exactly where you are on the 3Fs spectrum, and where you're best to focus first