The Busyness Delusion – since when did "Busy" come to mean "Successful"?

The Guide to Achieve Consistent Monthly Income By Doing Less, Not More

The busyness delusion - the hamster wheel effect

Does this sound like your "start up" experience?

You decide to "back yourself", to start your own business.

You need to pay the bills and keep the roof over your head ...

... so, no time to waste, you "dive in and get busy" ...

... initial results are encouraging... you have a couple of wins ... things are looking great

... then things slow down ... 

... it seems harder to get people to buy ...

... you start to doubt your ability ...

... you think about reducing prices to win more business ...

... you have some good months ... some "not so good" ...

... and you find yourself in the hamster wheel of working hard, being busy, but not financially secure

What if there was a different way?

Follow Simon as his mentor, Frank, reveals the framework that changes everything:

1 - Reason

Most miss this, and end up working too hard, with not enough income, "not why I started the business"

2 - Self

The biggest barrier to success, it's essential to master three core areas for the business to give you exactly what you want

Learn with books

3 - Resources

Most don't understand what's available, and so just dive in without smart thinking. Here's how you get to do less.

4 - Momentum

This is the final step, yet it's where most start, which is why they end up busy and frustrated. There's an easier way.