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the 3fs - the trojan program
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What does "doing ok financially" mean to you?

Maybe it means there's more money left over at the end of the month?

That's certainly a better situation than the other way around!

But really, is this "doing ok"?

the 3fs - freedom

The purpose of having your business is ...

- NOT just to "make money"

- NOT just to "keep you busy"

Instead it's to have all 3Fs - financial security, freedom and fulfilment.

And you need them in that sequence - you can't have freedom without financial security.

When you've built your business to have the 1st F - Financial security - it's common to find yourself VERY busy ... which makes it harder to achieve the 2nd F - Freedom.

Hence, "doing ok financially" isn't ONLY a statement about money ... it's a statement about HOW you earn the money.

the 3fs - the trojan program

The Trojan Program is the accelerated way to reach the 1st F - Financial Security and a support to the 2nd F - Freedom

When you're too busy earning, you're stuck at the 1st F. You want to increase (or at least maintain) your income ... and yet you can't work less because your income will go down.

You have very limited time (or energy!) to change what you're doing, so having Freedom sounds like a pipe-dream, something for "other people".

In the Trojan Program you create additional income without needing to sell more time - no more hourly rate, day rate or per-session offers neededAfter all, if you want to HAVE more time it doesn't really make sense to SELL more time.

As it's additional income you don't need to risk anything you're already doing with clients.

And because it's RAPID - you'll be getting clients for your new "offer" within a couple of weeks.

It's like an "accelerated Financial Security Program on steroids".

The results of the Trojan program are:

  • New, already-in-demand offers created for your audience (using your existing skills and experience, so you can make your offers quickly)
  • positioned and priced to be high value
  • which allows "income stacking" to break the constraint of "work more to earn more" (Freedom comes from working less and still earning more)
  • all in a way that fits around your existing "busyness"
  • with zero risk or change to your existing work or clients
  • clients taking up your "stacked" offers within a few weeks
  • building towards having (initially) an extra £5k - £10k by the 1st of every month
The 3Fs - reach financial security

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